Down Days

I’m not going to lie… living the dream has it’s good days. Some very good days to be exact. On Saturday I will be going to Daytona, for the second time this year, to watch a race. And I’m getting paid to do so. That’s a great day. Even if the plane crashes, it’s still a good day.

But today? Today is not a good day. I dealt with a disaster for one of our clients first thing this morning. Then I sorted through 200 t-shirts, one by one, because they were printed incorrectly.

There are a million little things running through my head that are trying to get the best of me…

My car payment, my rent payment, another holiday tomorrow… alone, running a 5k next week that I am so not prepared for and, as always, there’s this guy.

Any other day I would be worried that I’m not ok today. But I am trying to embrace a new philosophy that it is ok to not be ok some days. On these not ok days we fix the things that we can… I’m hungry and tired and in need of a break. And try not to worry about the things that we cant…

You are where you’re supposed to be.

At these times I have to think back to so many places I’ve been and didn’t know why I was there. But later, sometimes much later, it all made perfect sense.

Here’s to hoping that someday this will make sense too.

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