Here lately I’ve been all about trying new things. I’ve been challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something new. I spent most of last year obsessing over loosing weight. Nothing worked, so I kept trying. I’m still trying by the way.

But I have decided to focus on something new this year. I Love resolutions! I think of them more like goals and I LOVE making plans to reach my goals.

I make lots of plans… with lists and Pinterest boards and TONS of thoughts and dreams. But all of this is so exhausting that I usually just decide to take a nap afterward.

So… here are my resolutions for 2015:

1. Organize my Pinterest boards
2. Get up early every morning and workout
3. Take LOTS of naps (I will need these after the workouts)
4. Do something every month that I have never done before
5. Build a house (which I already have neatly organized on Pinterest)

Happy New Year!!!

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