Taking Chances

I love that quote. I saw it on Pinterest this morning and it’s so, so true.

A few years ago I had an opportunity to go to England. There was this guy and he had an amazing English accent and he asked me to go. Immediately I had thoughts that turned romantic. This was the guy I was going to marry!!! I barely knew him. I didn’t care at the time though. I gladly agreed to go live in England and work at a nonprofit organization with no compensation, other than the airfare over there and back. Thankfully I bought the return ticket home.

I remember very vividly the day I realized that it wasn’t going in my favor. I was sitting in his office and he was rambling on about a girl that his best friend had just broken up with. He was communicating with her on Facebook and his friends were saying things. He was wanting my opinion on the situation.

All of the sudden, I wanted to go home. The boy was stupid, I was done being brave, the adventure was over, I wanted to go home.

It was a long 3 months that I spent in England. I learned so much, good and bad. And even though it didn’t go like I had though, even though I got hurt, I have never regretted going.

I think about that every time there is a big opportunity in front of me. My first reaction isn’t to be brave and go for it. My first reaction is to run and hide. I think about this and laugh every time someone tells me how brave and adventurous I am. I don’t feel that way at all.

What usually pushes me to do the big things is the fear of not knowing. It’s the what ifs. What if that guy was the one for me and I wasn’t willing to take the chance on him? What if I don’t move half way across the country to follow my dream? What if I do? What if I find a job that I love working around race cars? What if I’m completely qualified for my dream job and I don’t apply? What if I never get an opportunity because I didn’t ask??

I realized a long time ago that I can’t live with those questions unanswered. I’d rather try and fail than not try at all. I’m always glad that I took the chance. Always.

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