How to Tap Into Your INFJ Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool that’s even more powerful for INFJs. Highly intellectual people are more likely to ignore their intuition and instead rely on logic and rationality, but this leaves us open to making some of the worst decisions possible.

INFJs often make bad choices when we avoid what our intuition is telling us. We ignore our inner voice. We rely so much on reason, or feeling or other people’s advice that our intuition seems to disappear altogether.

It’s easy for us all, regardless of intelligence level, to get stuck in what feels safe rather than challenging ourselves with growth opportunities – but we have so much potential as INFJs if we’re willing to listen, if we’re willing to lean into that small voice and be vulnerable.

How can you tap into your intuition instead? How can you get in tune into your inner guide so that you can use it as a tool to help you in your everyday life? That’s why we’re here right now! Keep reading…

Avoidance is a very real thing

I have a feeling that you’ve been there. You know, when you’re feeling really stuck about a big decision when the anxiety is so high and your mind is so focused on avoiding what it’s afraid of, that it can’t even handle reality. I’m not talking about avoidance in general but instead avoidance as a defense mechanism for anxiety and fear, a running away from your inner guide.

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