Sarah Kuhn: INFJ Woman

(I=Introverted N=Intuitive F=Feeling J=Judging) T (Turbulent)

Hey ladies! My name is Sarah Kuhn and I am the INFJ Woman! I’m the T type for Turbulent. To save time and get right to the point, my story is just like most of you. I grew up feeling out of place and had no knowledge of even considering what a personality type was. What’s even worse is, I too was plugged into the wrong sources that cost me years of subconsciously believing the worst about myself. Some of those things I believed was that I was weird, different, damaged, broken, unworthy, etc. I later learned that this wrong information was coming from sources/people like family, legal guardians, teachers, bosses or co-workers. Many of you would agree, as an INFJ, our favorite word is “research” because once we start, we can’t stop! This is usually the beginning to a path of acceptance, healing and growth.

As a Life Coach, I’m aware there are others who’ve studied this personality type longer than me and may have information that could be useful. However, I want to be very clear on about what this group is about, what to expect and how you can add value to it.

What This Group is About

My goal in this blog is to create a safe space for other INFJ women to come together, feel you belong and share your stories, while communicating, learning and healing with other INFJ women.

What to Expect

You can expect this group to be filled with educational tips in the forms of blogs, my podcast and exclusive coaching offers for those who wish to take a deeper dive. The following are a few housekeeping rules to help us keep the mood and vibe upbeat.

  1. We’re not here to compete, we want to be supportive and identify ways we can help others learn how to accept us…
  2. Whether you’re an INFJ-T or INFJ-A, always respect everyone and refrain from disrespecting, belittling or being too opinionated when others bravely share their stories.
  3. My goal is to help you fully accept being an INFJ and focus on how to bridge what characteristics are unique to you so that you can live accordingly, enjoying your life to the fullest.

How You can Add Value

You can add value to this group by treating others the way you’d want them to treat you. Openly share what has helped you and celebrate your progress! If you have a problem or feel attacked, please reach out to me so we can address the issue immediately. Remember why you chose to join this group, so you can positively impact another fellow INFJ woman’s life!

I’m elated to have you here with me ladies! It’s about time we stand together and make our statement in this world!

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