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INFJ Woman Self-Improvement Series INFJs are the rarest personality type and the most mysterious. Anything that is relatively unknown is mysterious, but what’s amazing is that even INFJs don’t really understand themselves very well. We’re always looking for more answers. We always want to go deeper and understand more. In this post, we’re exploring some…

Which Personality Test is Better – MBTI or Enneagram?

The big difference is that the MBTI is a tool for understanding personality types while the Enneagram is used to understand human behavior. Another key difference is that on an MBTI test, you will be given four letters to describe your personality sequence (e.g., INFJ), but with an Enneagram, you’ll get a number that you have to make sense of.

Why are INFJs so Attractive?

INFJs are attractive because we understand people so well. We have a powerful intuition that allows us to dive into our partner’s personality and understand them better than they understand themselves.