New Year’s Resolution Challenge

How to Form Lasting Habits Ebook

I LOVE to think of things to use as resolutions, things I want to implement to change my life. I have a whole list of them every year.

What is is that you want to change?? Here’s just a few things on my list:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Write more consistently
  • Manage my screen time better
  • Start saving money
  • Put together a better, longterm business plan
  • Build my business so that I can be full time in it this year

But how do you keep them? How do you keep going after January has past and the feeling is over?

I’ve put together this ebook that is all about forming lasting habits from those resolutions and making them stick.

This 24 page PDF ebook is packed full of everything you need to know to transform your resolution into a long lasting habit.

It’s yours instantly through a digital download for just $4.95.

Available all over the world!